Sonoton Music contacts

Please use the following contact informations for communicating to the right person at Sonoton Music:

Sonoton Music Contact List   
Sonoton Music GmbH, Schleibingerstraße 10, 81669, München, Germany 
Office: 0049 89 4477820   
DepartmentSubjectContact Name (s)Contact email
Publishing & Business AffairsPRO Issues (GEMA)Arne Thomas Kammhö 
 YT Claim & Release RequestsArne Thomas Kammhö 
 PRO Issues (ROW)Alex
 Sample LicensingAlex
 Copyright InfringementsAlex
Data ManagementSearch Engine MetadataClemens, Tom, 
 Copyright dataClemens, Tom, 
Search EngineTechnicalMike 
MusicSTEM RequestsDavid, Andy, Benjamin,
 Alt Mixes and EditsDavid, Andy, Benjamin,
 Classical MastersClemens, Tom, 
 Sheet MusicGregor
 STEMS (American Productions)Elisabeth 
SalesGerman/Austrian SalesUlla 
 International SalesAlex
MarketingCatalogues ‘IN’ Marketing materialRobert Zö
 Marketing materials ‘OUT’Robert Zö
Administration / FinanceStatements ‘IN’Alex, Stefanie,
 Statements ‘OUT’Alex