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SONOTON - the largest independent production music library in the world

Established in 1965 SONOTON is the largest independent production music library in the world.
In Germany, SONOTON represents over 65 international labels, and over 100 albums from these labels are added each year. Hundreds of composers and producers from around the world contribute their talents to SONOTON, adding more than 60 new albums to the catalogue in varying musical and compositional styles every year.

Founders and owners Rotheide and Gerhard Narholz tirelessly manage a highly efficient and motivated team of professionals in the company’s technology, sales, creative and logistics departments, and guarantee the highest results.

Gregor F. Narholz, rising star in the Hollywood film scoring business and already a veteran TV and library composer with numerous awards, ensures that the next generation of the Narholz legacy lends youth, vitality, vision and continuity to the ever-expanding company.